What is ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System?

ISO 10002 is an international guide in which the methods for managing and applying the feedback from customers for commercial or non-commercial activities of businesses are determined. The standard is updated in 2018, therefore the current version is ISO 10002:2018.

ISO 10002 defines the necessary management tools to manage customer complaints more effectively and efficiently. It allows more customers to be satisfied with the service provided. A management system that takes customer satisfaction into account has a great impact on the success of organizations in today’s market. For this reason, it is a critical action for all organizations to shape their goals and to maintain their existence by analyzing customer complaints, feedbacks and satisfaction levels about the services or products provided.

Regardless of which sector, for every institution has customer relationships, ensuring and maintaining customer satisfaction is the most important priority. It is not possible for an organization to survive if the customers are not satisfied. Therefore, the evaluation of the feedback of customers is of great importance.

Since waiting for customers to give feedback voluntarily will not provide enough efficiency, each institution needs to establish a system to obtain customer feedback and to analyze the feedback.

What are the benefits of ISO 10002?

  • Customers feel that they are important for the institution. Thus, it increases customers’ loyalty to the institution.
  • It allows for more effective management of customer complaints.
  • It provides process efficiency by clearly defining the roles and responsibilities in the customer satisfaction management.
  • It ensures that all feedbacks, especially complaints that reach the institution are resolved in a fast and improving manner.
  • It reduces recurring customer complaints.
  • It contributes to the organization’s vision and goals by analyzing customer feedback.
  • It increases awareness and attention of the staff about customer satisfaction.
  • It increases the reputation and reliability of the institution in the eyes of the customer.