What is ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems?

The ISO 27001 guides businesses in the establishment of an information security management system. The system intended to be established in institutions within the scope of this standard aims to protect financial and confidential information and to minimize the possibility of accessing information through unauthorized / illegal ways. For organizations, information is an asset with high value, just like other important business assets, and therefore must be protected.

The information security management systems aim to protect information from threats in order to ensure commercial continuity, minimize losses, and maximize the return of opportunities and investments. Information can be on paper or electronic, sent by post or online, shown as a film, or expressed verbally. Whatever form the information takes, it must be properly protected. Information security does not only include threats that may come from outside the organization. Today, the personnel working within the organization also carry an important risk in terms of information security.

What are the benefits of ISO 27001?

  • Improper use of information is prevented by ensuring the security of information and data owned by institutions,
  • It minimizes the loss of information that may arise.
  • It ensures that the requirements of the legal legislation on data protection are met.
  • It increases the market confidence of the business.
  • It ensures that the trust of the relevant parties, especially the suppliers, will be protected.
  • External data tampering is prevented.
  • It increases customer confidence by showing that information security is important