Vibration Measurements

There are many risks to the health of employees in vibrating work areas. Vibrations exposed in the working environment such as the vibration of a vehicle, the vibration of a machine used, the vibration of the surfaces on which it is emphasized cause negative effects on the physical and psychological conditions of the employees over time. In cases where adverse effects are very high, it can cause physical damage to internal organs. At the same time, the use of vibrating work environment or equipment affects the productivity of the employees. It is important to increase the working comfort to the maximum level in order to increase the working efficiency.

Vibration measurements, measure the intensity and type of vibration employees are exposed to and their risks on the worker. Organs that are directly exposed to vibration shows different symptoms. For example, power tools used in industry are exposed to hand-arm vibration. Employees who are exposed to such vibration at high levels and for a long time can have various problems such as vascular diseases, joint diseases, muscular and nervous system diseases. In addition to these tools, there are also jobs where the whole body is exposed to long-term and severe vibration such as tractors, bulldozers, long-distance bus drivers or aircraft drivers. In these cases, different diseases may occur in employees.