What is SMIIC 1:2019 General Requirements for Halal Food?

Halal Food means clean, safe and in accordance with Islamic rules. In addition, it means food produced according to Islamic rules from the beginning of production process until the final product consumption; raw materials, ingredients, storage conditions, activities etc.

The rules for halal products and services are determined by the SMIIC standards prepared by the Islamic Countries Standards and Metrology Institute (SMIIC) established within the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) with the participation of member country experts.

In the certification process, all stages from raw material entry to the final product offered to the consumer are inspected in terms of compliance with Islamic rules specified in SMIIC standards, and conformity control is carried out with tests and analyzes carried out in accredited laboratories.

The use of the brand IQNORM HELAL is allowed on the packaging of the products by issuing a halal certificate for the products whose conformity is determined during the inspection, test and analysis stages.

The continuity of the compliance of halal products and services is ensured by the surveillance and interim controls.

What are the benefits of SMIIC 1:2019?

  • It provides assurance that the products and services offered to the market are reliable, clean and hygienic and that they comply with standards and Islamic rules.
  • It helps to increase the competitiveness of the producers within the demand for “Halal Certified Products”.
  • It provides advantages in trade with Islamic countries.
  • It increases the confidence of the customers in the halal certified product market to the products.