Elevator Inspections

Elevator inspections have been made mandatory to ensure safe operation of elevators and to prevent possible accidents. Malfunctions and other problems that may arise over time in elevators put human life at risk. Elevators should be inspected periodically at least once a year in order to detect these malfunctions without any accidents and to check that the elevators operate according to the relevant standards. With the elevator inspection, it is checked and reported whether the elevator maintenance is done regularly and correctly.

According to the Elevator Maintenance and Operation Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 05 November 2011 and numbered 28106 by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, it has been obliged that A Type Inspection Bodies accredited to TS EN ISO IEC 17020 Standard perform periodic inspections of elevators as of 01 January 2012.

IQNORM International Certification and Inspection Test Services Inc. is a Type-A Inspection Organization accredited by TS EN ISO IEC 17020 Standard by TURKAK. It performs the inspections of elevators according to the relevant standards and regulations with expert inspection personnel and concludes them with internationally valid reports.

Relevant legislation and standards

  • Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire
  • 2014/33 / EU Elevator Regulation
  • Communiqué on Procedures and Principles Regarding Elevator Design
  • Planned Areas Zoning Regulation
  • Lift Periodic Control Regulation
  • Istanbul Zoning Regulation
  • Elevator Maintenance and Operation Regulation
  • TS-EN 81-80
  • TS-EN 81-1 ve TS-EN 81-2
  • TS-EN 81-1+A3 ve TS-EN 81-2+A3
  • TS EN 81-20
  • TS EN 81-70
  • TS EN 81-71
  • TS EN 81-72
  • TS EN 81-73